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Neither Light nor Darkness
...so then WTF?
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16th-Mar-2012 04:17 am - ASSCREED FASHUNZ
Have I mentioned how much time I've been wasting on POLYVORE?
What have I been doing?
It's all schierke's fault and the FLAREgamer article on game-inspired holiday outfits.

Fastforward. I now have an AssCreed collection.
Yup. Time well wastedCollapse )
14th-Jan-2012 06:47 pm - NEW YEAR, NEW LAYOUT.
Also now || F R I E N D S   O N L Y||
1st-Jan-2012 02:15 am - HAPPY 2012!!!
I hope 2012 is your year and brings you lots of happiness and luck. I certainly hope it will be better than 2011, which shouldn't be too hard of a feat -- 2011 was crap for me.

...omg I've eaten so much baklava and Baci chocolates.
24th-Dec-2011 08:23 am - I'M QUITTING MY JOB TODAY.
Christmas present to myself.
19th-Nov-2011 11:55 pm - I have joined civilization.
Well, job situation aside, I had to spend some money getting a new phone and a plan that didn't suck donkeyballs. I mean, just look at my old phone. Yes, that is only half a screen. It also likes to go "fuck this, I'm turning off" just to mess with me. People don't believe me until I show them.

Anyway, Mobilicity had (still has?) a $25 deal for unlimited talk/text/data so long as I'm within Toronto. Pretty good for only $25 I think. I got the Samsung Nexus S for $350.

Been playing that fruit slicing game all the time. What is it called, Fruit Ninja? Fruit Slice? Something.

So, any cool apps, app people? I'm part of the cool crowd now.
7th-Nov-2011 02:16 am - Christmas came early this year ★
I came back from the doctor's exhausted Friday and thought I'd sit down, relax, and watch Supernatural. Which I did.

Then my mom, having apparently nothing to do while I hogged the TV for an hour, started moving furniture and plants around. At first I thought she was up to one of her re-decorating stints, but -- get this -- she cleared out the usual corner in our living room, took out our Christmas tree, and propped it up there. Then she was like "Sia, now fluff it up and decorate it".

Woman, it is the 4th of November. Only Sears puts a Christmas tree up sooner.
Also, remember how last time it took me FOUR HOURS TO FLUFF THAT SHIT UP??!!

★..♩.¸¸♬´¯`♬.¸¸¤Collapse )
Treize does not approve
So this Feature Writing class of mine is either going to end up as the best thing ever or the worst thing ever, and right now it's looking like the latter. I don't have a story yet.

This is just embarrassing.

It's not my first screenwriting class and WTF I NEVER RUN OUT OF IDEAS!!!111
But for some reason my brain refuses to cooperate. Guys, I'm panicking. I've no idea how to fix except take sabbatical and go watch/read inspirational shit. EXCEPT I CAN'T CAUSE I HAVE DEADLINES!!!11

/pointless rant

That's all I got. Here's some badass Ezio instead. I can't freaking wait for this game ♥
15th-Sep-2011 10:27 pm - ICONAGE!
It's been a Fassbender fest lately due to the sheer number of movies the guy has been in, so I made icons.

With some AssCreed thrown in. I've got a bunch of Tifa ones, but they're on my other comp and I'm too lazy to transfer/upload

✄------Collapse )
11th-Sep-2011 12:14 am - FOR SHAME
OF COURSE my face breaks out the night before my TIFF movie.

Going to see Shame yo!
I think I'll get my ass down to Princess of Wales @ 5. Film starts at 7. That's enough time to get decent seats, right? Two hrs in advance? Should I make it 3? But Fassbender's not here and I really don't care for Mulligan.

I just cba to go earlier seeing as how I also have to go down Pape for like an additional hr to pick up my cousin's camera -- mine's broken.

Sadly, no tix for Dangerous Method or Samsara (although fingers and toes crossed I get rush ticket for this). Samsara was the film I REALLY wanted to see this year.
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